Graduate Laravel Developer

Hey! The names Alex, Web Development graduate from Staffordshire University with a passion for TALL (Tailwind, AlpineJS, Livewire, Laravel) stack development. I currently specialise in creating large scale web application and crm systems.

I can turn what to most looks like jargon into functional web applications.

*It’s probably not a bug, think of it more like an undocumented feature!


Committed & Passionate

Crazy Cat Man


A little bit about me...

Staffordshire University graduate looking to leave his mark on the web

Had an interest in web development for the last ~7 years but only committed the vast majority of my time into increasing my knowledge of the subject over the last ~4 years.

I'm always looking at the latest and greatest frameworks available and keen to keep ahead of the curve in regards to knowledge of how to develop with these and include them in my projects.

I currently develop with a TALL (Tailwind, AlpineJS, Livewire, Laravel) stack environment and I am keen to constantly keep all my projects up to date will all the latest releases to allow use of the latest functions and methods.

Areas of experience:

  1. Developing with many different REST APIs across multiple projects.

  2. Using Git version control in production environments.

  3. Working with SQL databases.

  4. Hosting websites on apache servers, through Laravel Forge on AWS and directly on AWS through Elastic Beanstalk.

Keeping up to date with modern trends and technologies

Laravel Laravel
Laravel Laravel


What do people have to say about me

“Alex undertook several projects for us at Who Needs Design, all of which he delivered to a very high standard but also quickly. He is able to take an interpret a brief, develop creative solutions and then deliver excellent final results. I would very highly recommend Alex's talents to anyone looking for web/application development.”

Karl Hedison
Director, Rapid Travel Group


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