Hey there!

Graduate Web Dev looking to leave his mark on the web.

If you find a bug, remember It’s not a bug. It’s an undocumented feature!


Over the years I have had to use many programming languages. Although PHP would be my favorite these are the others I have had experience in. I'll even include those that I have had a minor amount of practice with.

HTML CSS JavaScript jQuery PHP MySQL

Keen to Learn

Just because my years in education have come to an end, this does not mean I'm done with learning. I'm keen to learn new technologies and new ways to manipulate content on the web.

Honours & Awards

Whilst going through the education system, I have been lucky enough to be given the opportunity to participate in competitions and take additional certifications to enhance my skills further.

What have i achieved?

Cryo Cash

Past project image Website HTML CSS jQuery PHP MySQL Bootstrap

Dale Abbey

Past project image Website HTML CSS JavaScript jQuery PHP MySQL Wordpress
selfie of myself.

Hey there, and thanks for stopping by. So my name is Alex, Web Development graduate from Staffordshire University with a passion for back-end programming, favoring PHP as my language of choice.

I turn what to most looks like jargon into functional web applications.